DDigital Media Strategy

Digital Media as a platform to enable community of values

RESULT enables sports clubs to connect with their fans using Digital Marketing. The rise of digital media in sports is perhaps the most important catalyst for the change in sports marketing, however, despite the remarkable growth of social platforms and its use by sports fans and clubs, sports marketing is still not fully acknowledged and recognised. The implementation of an organisational digital media strategy is not just revolutionary, it is absolutely crucial to enable the marketing and communication success of sports organisations. Any digital user has access to all information and news of a sports organisation. These are being published on different platforms and/or channels in a variety of forms: as articles, as social media posts, as tweets, as visuals and so on. Digital Marketing is much more – Digital Marketing enables community values that democratise, in which each user directly and/or indirectly communicates with the sports organization or other members. Therefore there is a crucial need for a sustainable and integral approach.


RESULT understands that implementing a successful digital sports media strategy requires a lot of resources for a successful operational sports organisation. This is especially true when using social networks as an interactive communication and marketing channel to increase or to improve the loyalty and direct dialogue with fans and sponsors.

At RESULT we have identified three key “stakeholders” in the overall value chain. These are: the Club, the Fans and the Sponsor(s).

Digital Media channels have their own rules and require a dedicated and specific strategy! The RESULT Sports Analytical Fan Engagement approach enhances the positive experience for all "stakeholders" in this chain.

Often an athlete or a sports organisation underestimates the resources required by social channels and platforms to ensure they are kept up to date at a perceived high quality. The challenge is not only to offer a Facebook profile or set of profiles, so fans can interact and contribute! Much more is required here...

In the beginning, we focus on a clients’ specific requirements and objectives as set out in the initial communication and marketing strategy. We analyse the performance using our in-house database on each platform and channel. Working very closely with the client, we develop a customised and tailored digital approach, in accordance with the redefined overall objective of the organisation.

We set specific milestones to enable performance measures, coordinate cross departmental, if necessary, to ensure the overall digital success. A particular emphasis is set on the management of your digital club media presence (Web, Mobile & Social Media). We strive to ensure that the content distributed on platforms resonates with your target audience on a level that goes beyond functionality. Our dedicated approach improves your marketing performances and leads to increased revenue opportunities within your digital strategy.